When you tell people that you like to go to fetish clubs, they immediately have images of you being whipped by strangers and having orgies with latex clad men. They probably see it as ‘dirty’ and ‘inappropriate’ and they will no doubt wrinkle their nose at you and turn a slight shade of pink.

Oh dear.

It is time we put those misconceptions to bed, what really happens inside the enchanting doors of fetish clubs?

They’re not mass orgies!

Ok, I may have started with a little lie there. I’ll try again, they can be mass orgies if you wish. Fetish clubs are ultimately a place for sexual expression and if you want to have sex with three men and a lady then the world is your oyster. But, you are under absolutely NO obligation. In fact, at Torture Garden , the world’s biggest Fetish Club, the sex is kept separate. It has its own room. Want to take a peek? Go ahead. Want to play with your husband whilst watching girl on girl? Feel free! Feel uncomfortable? You can leave.

But there is a whole itinerary of entertainment if sex isn’t for you.

You are in for a treat! Fetish clubs are ultimately a club (no way!), so you can dance until the early hours of the morning, each room with a different DJ to suit different music tastes. The difference is you’re surrounded by people who are incredibly well-mannered, friendly, and mostly naked. There is absolutely no seediness, and no one is allowed to touch anyone without explicit permission. A rule strictly enforced by Torture Garden and a rule everyone respects. I’ll be honest, I found that the most shocking part of all, and I saw someone being willingly dragged around by their nipple piercings!

Torture Garden also hold catwalk shows and theatrical performances. Ever seen a guy suspend himself by hooks through the skin? Or you can watch some impressive pole dancing. Or chill out and recoup in the chill zone. If you’re feeling racy then the BDSM playrooms are an exciting place to discover or play with your kink. But more on that later.

Do I have to be naked?

Absolutely not. Naked-ness is indeed celebrated but not necessarily required. There is nothing more beautiful than the human form, yes, even yours and should you wish to wear nothing but nipple tassels and a latex hood then you’ll be welcomed with arms wide open. Remember, this is a fetish club and fetishes come in all different shapes and sizes. I have seen people wear tippy toe to forehead latex, seriously, not an inch of flesh was to be seen. 

What do I wear?

You need to be the most outlandish version of you. Let your inhibitions go and play the part of someone you have always dreamt of being. Explore your freaky side. Think latex, hoods, dog leads, wigs, leather, body paint . Be creative. I was once approached by a man just wearing a door-mat who asked me to walk over him in my heels. I happily obliged. It is a weirdly wonderful place.

Be warned that a strict dress code will be in place and you will be turned away or asked to change if you aren’t deemed ‘extreme’. Once you whip off your trench coat you will 100% feel at home. That I promise. 

If you are feeling nosey have a look here for an idea of what we wear.

Beautiful Sammy with the legend Mike Schofield, forever loved.  
Sammy Sturgess – Holistic Health & Embodiment Coach | Facebook
Can I take part in some BDSM action?

Yes, yes and yes. You are provided with a whole host of BDSM equipment for you to play with. Strap your partner up and whip him to a frenzy or get flipped upside down for tickle play. If you do not have a partner and you feel comfortable then you can ask someone who takes your fancy for their assistance. Again, there’s no judgement and no obligation. 

Should you go to a fetish club? If you have read this far then I have clearly piqued your interest, so I suggest you go and see for yourself. Tick it off your bucket list. However, once you have got lost in the maze of sex, debauchery and just plain fun you’ll most likely wonder why you have never done this before. 

About the Author

Clare C runs the online sex shop, The Big O. She is on a quest to embolden women to experience pleasure free from shame. She also wants to open up the conversation around sex that is still a taboo for many people. You can read more of her work over at her blog here.

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