I remember overhearing a group of women on a train clearly heading out for a night of intoxicated fun. Good for them! One was telling her friends how she had met a ‘nice guy’ recently, they dated and all seemed to be going great. Her soft and happy tone, however, soon switched to a shriek as she declared why she had to end it, “His cock was tiiiinnnnnyyy!” she screamed, waving her pinky finger in demonstration. Cue the girly cackles we all hate yet can’t help participating in when a prosecco or two has been downed.

I didn’t give that conversation much thought until recently. Now I cannot get it out of my head.

How would I feel if I knew a potential boyfriend not only dumped me for my breast size but actually laughed about it to his friends whilst declaring it to a train carriage full of people? Not ok. Not only that, but should breast size matter?

I ask you should cock size be a deal breaker?

I am sure most of us have felt that disappointed feeling when presented with a ‘small’ penis after such a promising build up. But let’s assess this.

  • Your momentary disappointment does not even slightly match to his potential lifetime agony of feeling inadequate, you do not get to add to that. It is simply not fair.
  • This ‘small’ penis may be equipped with providing you the most intense orgasm of your life. Never judge a book by its cover after all.
  • First time sex is rarely incredible for any sized penis. So give him a chance.
  • The man on the end of the penis could provide you with a lifetime of happiness. Are you going to throw it away after spending 30 minutes with what you have deemed to be an inadequate cock?

I say continue dating the guy if you like him. The rest naturally falls into place. Make him feel like superman in bed and superman will emerge. You can always add toys and BDSM play into the mix if you both feel comfortable doing so but that is a conversation for when you trust and know each other better.

But let’s delve into this further. Can a penis be too big? The biggest penis sits at around 13.5 inches when erect. Yet I sell a dildo at a 14 massive inches. Are we ever satisfied? As vaginas generally reach 7 inches in depth surely a massive penis isn’t required. Think of that wasted length!

Would meeting someone with a massive penis be reason to shout about it on a train? Maybe. But I doubt it would get the derision a smaller penis would. That’s sad. Is it any wonder guys below average can suffer from mental health issues because of this?

Ladies you have a clitoris for a reason. Any man, with guidance, can bring you to orgasm. The size of the penis does not impact this. But remember the size of a man’s penis should not affect your future either.

About the Author

Clare C runs the online sex shop, The Big O. She is on a quest to embolden women to experience pleasure free from shame. She also wants to open up the conversation around sex that is still a taboo for many people. You can read more of her work over at her blog here. She has also written for us before, have a read of ‘The Wonderful World of Fetish Clubs’ for a curious peak into a little known world.

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