My Journey to…

The Authentic Girls Club. Think better, feel better, live better. You don’t need a new you this new years, you simply need to start loving the old one as that

Love Hard- A Movie Review

If you are looking for Christmas cheer and a main protagonist who has a little oomph, Love Hard is for you. The Blurb… Natalie (Nina Dobrev, yes from Vampire Diaries,

The Weight of Words

‘Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me’ is a saying that was very present in my childhood and still is today. The ease of

The Wonderful World of Fetish Clubs

When you tell people that you like to go to fetish clubs, they immediately have images of you being whipped by strangers and having orgies with latex clad men. They

Does Your Soul Have A Purpose?

I felt lost and like I was always searching for the impossible.  Whether you believe in the idea of a “soul’s purpose” or not, it is an unavoidable turn of

Mental Health in the Workplace.

It’s no longer time to talk, it’s time to take action. “Sorry I can’t come into work today, I’m feeling overwhelming sadness.” I mean, who would seriously say this when

The Dream Job Paradox

I have spent many years looking for my dream job. I thought that once I had it or had a sure-fire way to get it, then I would be happy.