Who are we?

We are SEEK Magazine. We help women find their inner adventurer, reclaim their identity, and explore their true self by sharing honest, no-BS articles and guiding them through their journey of self-discovery.  We are a companion and side kick to help women by providing information to better inform their lives and what they may want to learn about, do, or try. 

What's our purpose?

SEEK Magazine have made it their mission to be the go-to hub for women looking for something more out of life. To always be actively challenging old broken systems and biases, ensure inclusion and diversity in everything we do and to always encourage our audience to be the best version of themselves – no matter what that looks like!  

Our Story...

It starts with a problem. A lack of accessible information about living as fully and as hard as possible. Especially for women. We wanted to create what wasn’t there for us when we needed it. 

Seek magazine was born out of frustration, anger, and a need for adventure, information, and real experiences. We are told the sky’s the limit but not really given the information or support to get there. Like being told that you could go to space but to get there you will need to build the spaceship from scratch with no manual. A severe lack of imagination about what is possible for our lives is wrought from school and continues to adulthood. We are wanting to create change and allow women to see what is truly possible for them.  

Why are we different?

We are out there doing it! We put ourselves out there too! We are not separate from the readers, we are part of them. We are not passive. We are right there in the trenches. Bricking it, feeling it, talking to people, understanding it, feeling the blood, sweat, tears and grit. Basically, being really vulnerable with what we are doing here in order to bring the best, most honest articles, interviews, reviews and recommendations. We hope to expand eventually into real life events and adventures.