Sorry, Not Sorry

Hey folks! So first up, let me introduce myself; I’m Rachel, a confidence and identity coach ( who works with clients to build self advocacy and drive to put yourself

Are you looking after your sexual health?

When it comes to your sex life, are you getting what you want? Are you comfortable and confident asking for what you want? Do you even know what you want?

Your Ultimate Sex Toy Guide

According to Marie Claire half of the British population own a sex toy. That might sound like a lot, but let’s face it, that is still millions of people who

Meet Georgia ( and Meet Rosie)…

Today we get to meet Georgia! Georgia is from Adelaide and is just about to launch her new business, Meet Rosie. It’s a pretty interesting business selling fantastic clit sucker

Health and Thinness Are Not The Same Thing.

TW: Weight Stigma, ED I would see a stereotypically “healthy” slim person with a “healthy BMI” who was smoking 20 cigarettes a day, drinking several bottles of wine a week,