The Authentic Girls Club.

Think better, feel better, live better.

You don’t need a new you this new years, you simply need to start loving the old one as that is where your magic is.

I am sat writing this today as a mum of two little girls who has slowly but surely found her way back to herself. But it’s been a journey to get here.

A few years ago I was lost, I was directionless, I was happy being at home with my girls but something was missing. As my friends maternity leaves came to an end and as baby classes evolved with new faces, I couldn’t help but feel a little left behind and a lot lonely.

I remember feeling my frustrations build – my husband often getting the brunt of it. He would take the girls out to give me a break and although thankful, I didn’t have a clue what to do with myself. I would end up burning myself out doing all the housework and then panicking thinking I had wasted that precious time. I would run the bath last minute and 9 times out of 10 I would just be popping a toe in to the water and they would run back through the door, dam… another opportunity gone.

After living that way for a good while I one day got a very random urge for change. Something kicked in and I was ready to take responsibility. I knew I needed to change, I knew I needed to push myself. But it was scary and I had to wade through my foggy Mum brain first.

Slowly but surely I discovered that I needed a little something for me – anything for me. I needed a focus and I needed to feel like I was building something. After experiencing what I had of motherhood, including moments of judgement, loneliness and at times no patience whatsoever, I decided to start speaking out about my journey through Instagram. I wanted to normalise the normal in a real but positive way.

I remember thinking if I didn’t do it here and now though, that would be it. So, I kept that urge for change alive and just did it. I set up a profile @therobsons and then I grabbed the girls, my husband Dale, and our two labs, Denzel and Welly and headed out into the garden to get a family photo. Not the easiest of tasks getting the 6 of us in shot but we did it. As the shutter went click and I went over to see the photo, Dale said without taking a step towards the camera ‘that’s the one, if you want to share our reality you need to upload the first picture that you take.” That mentality has never left me. That was when I truly stopped pretending and let myself just be me – triple chin and all.

So after hovering over the post button for a minute or two I pressed it and my first post was out there. The only direction I had was to speak out and help others and even one Insta like meant I had done that. There were incredible ups, many downs and some near quits. But one thing I underestimated was how much speaking out, pushing my comfort zones and feeling supported for it would actually help me too. Without realising it I was really working my way through the fog.

A few major blocks that I got through were speaking out on stories without makeup, taking photos of myself without hiding behind my girls or looking as stiff as a board. Another block was to actually to start calling it work and not feel so guilty for putting my time into it.

So fast forward a few years of Instagram and a lot of inner work and other business plans with little confidence later, in September of 2021 I got serious and I launched my first proper business – The Authentic Girls Club.

The Authentic Girls Club

The Authentic Girls Club is an online space dedicated to helping women find themselves and their passions again. It’s here to help you think better, feel better and live life better through taking action and believing in yourself in a safe and supportive space. We let go of our worries and we celebrate our wins together. We have virtual meetups, self-development masterclasses and we journal together often.

The thing is we all have a thing. We all have a little something that nobody else in the world can replicate and I love that. That is special and I believe that little thing can change your life and it can change the world too. Because when you are internally happy and when you believe and love yourself the way you deserve to be, you have the freedom to shine bright and not let anybody or anything dim it.

We just have to figure out what that thing is and believe in it with every part of us – Enter The Authentic Girls Club.

So are you missing some focus and direction in life? Are you stuck in a daily routine craving something else? If you are you ready to find your spark, to grow and to meet like-minded women along the way why not come and join us at TAGC? Our Membership doors open again on the 1st – 3rd February so start 2022 with a bang! You can start to discover your authentic self by signing up here and receive your free workbook.

You don’t need a new you this new years, you simply need to start loving the old one as that is where your magic is.

About the Author

Charlotte is a mum of two who is venturing into the world of work. She has recently launched here business, The Authentic Girls Club. She is passionate about community and kindness. Charlotte’s favourite quote is ‘be the change that you want to see in the world.’

You can connect with Charlotte on social media. Check her out here 👇


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