This is our first ever Seek Recommends!

We will be regularly recommending you the things we think you will absolutely love. From podcasts, books, films, events and much more. We will be trying, testing, reviewing and giving you the lowdown on all the best things!

Our first ever recommendation is…

My Favorite Murder- A True Crime Comedy Podcast With Karen Kilgariff & Georgia Hardstark.

You like true crime? You like relatable life chats? You like realness around mental health? You like to laugh? Listen to this.

What’s it all about?

Two women shoot the shit and talk about true crime. But not just true crime, also mental health, important social issues and very, very relatable chat about the trials of being alive.

All this alongside carefully told true crime stories, getting victims voices heard and their stories told. The hosts, Karen and Georgia, are a fucking delight and after a few minutes you will feel like you are best friends with them. They have made a real feeling of community so you feel like you are right home. Trust us, you will be calling yourself a Murderino and yelling, ‘Stay sexy and don’t get murdered!’ at the end of every episode in no time.

When can I listen?

Not only do they do a main episode every week on a Thursday, but you are also treated to a ‘Minisode’ every Monday. The minisode is a shorter version on the main podcast where you can listen to ( or write in your own) hometown stories. The subjects of these are extremely varied as there is always a new theme a being introduced (All part of the fun!).

We thought this was a timely recommendation as they tend to do some spooky themed shows near Halloween with the sharing of ghost stories etc. Cause’ you know, just in case true crime wasn’t scary enough!

It is always a pleasure to listen and afterwards you will feel like you’ve been hanging out with your besties for an hour.  Highly recommend, 10 out of 10. Go give it a listen.

Where can I listen?
Here is their latest episode! It’s a ‘ Minisode ‘ and it’s got some spooky stories in.

You can listen to My Favorite Murder on Spotify, Apple podcasts and all the usual places you listen to things. They do also have their own website AND you can join their Fan cult too! You can check them out here. If you do try them out, let us know what you think.

Here’s their Instagram in case you want to check them out there too 👇


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