Hi there friend,

Welcome to the fist blog post for SEEK Magazine!

Firstly, thank you for being here! Do you know how hard it is to set up an online magazine and then actually get someone to come on here and read it?! The answer, bloody hard. So, thanks for taking the time. I thought for this first one, I’d tell you about me and why this whole thing started. Buckle in ladies, it’s a ride.

For those who don’t know, this has been an idea that sprung up in approx. 2018, and probably brewed in my head for at least a year before hand. I wanted to create something that wasn’t here for me when I needed it. A simple, here’s a problem, now let’s fix it. And here we are.

The problem I found? A lack of accessible information on living as hard and as fully as possible no matter what that looked like for the individual.

From the beginning, the path for most people is outlined before you have a say on the matter. It’s school, college and university and then you get the job you studied for, right? This path is fantastic for some people but not all people and it may suit some people at the time, but it might not suit them for life. I found a distinct lack of support and information around doing something different from this normal path. I dropped out of my first college and the general consensus was that I would fail at life because of this. What an outlandish thing to believe.

I have been on many an adventure in trying to find something I loved doing whether that be in my work life or my free time. I have done most jobs going. I have tried and failed at many, many things. Until finally decided that I needed to create something that wasn’t there for me when I needed it thinking that surely, I can’t be the only one to encounter this problem.

I feel I need to make it clear that I am not an expert, an industry mogul or someone who has a background in anything to do with publishing magazines. On paper, I have no business being here. But guess what, I’m here anyway.

I’m looking to create an online magazine that supports, uplifts and informs. Giving the reader valuable information so they can go out and actually do the things they read about. This is not a passive read. And I am I am not separate from you, I am part of you. And I am right there in the trenches. Bricking it, feeling it, talking to people, understanding it, feeling the blood, sweat, tears and grit. Basically, being really vulnerable with what I’m bringing to you in order to create the best, most honest articles, interviews, reviews, and recommendations. Hopefully soon I will be able to bring this into the real world with events that everyone can partake in too.

All in all, I am trying to help women feel less alone, strong, capable, and informed. Half the battle is learning about all the amazing things you can do in life. The other half is how to actually do the things.

So here we are, the start. Hopefully you’ll join me for the ride.


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