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Rey's lightsaber

It ought to go without announcing that lightsabers are a large part of Star Wars lore. On this one reality, the Sith and Jedi can agree. For the Force-wielders, lightsabers are one the most important things are like helmets to Mandalorians or a bowcaster to a Wookiee. It suffices to say that they’re important.

Over the direction of the nine centre Skywalker Saga movies (and the extra Star Wars universe), audiences have tracked some of one of a kind lightsabers. Jedi Masters like Yoda, Qui-Gon Jinn, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Mace Windu hold their saber lore close to the vest, however they do their share of passing on safety suggestions and mindfulness on the subject of combat. The Sith Lords have the one-up here in the Style category (except for Windu’s pink blade) on the grounds that their remarkably crimson lightsabers say it allbut wherein colour is consistent for the Dark Side, saber fashion changes up, as visible in grips and crosspieces for Count Dooku, Darth Maul, and, to a lesser extent, Kylo Ren. But the main lightsaber of the Skywalker Saga belongs to, fittingly, Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader himself. (We’ll take a ride through memory lane, however if you want to recognise especially about Rey’s lightsaber, bypass on down to the very last paragraphs.)

This laser-sword is set as mythical as Excalibur at this point inside the franchise. A young Anakin Skywalker made his first saber with a blue plasma blade and signature grip with a black band around the base. The hassle is, that blade changed into destroyed at some stage in the Clone Wars, necessitating Anakin to build a brand new one. This is the weapon that has been handed down through the maximum hands inside the Skywalker tale. Anakin used the lightsaber at some point of his transition into Darth Vader; it’s taken each the lives of Jedi younglings and members of the Separatist Council whilst in Anakin’s fingers. The burgeoning Darth Vader might lose the weapon to a successful Obi-Wan Kenobi in a disastrous duel for the growing Sith Lord.

It surpassed from Obi-Wan’s hands into those of younger Luke Skywalker, that is while most audiences saw the Jedi weapon for the first time. Luke might wield it at some point of his personal training in the approaches of the Force till his own father Darth Vader severed his weapon hand, sending the own family kin spinning into depths. Somehow, it got here into the possession of Maz Kanata inside the intervening decades, who kept it in accurately hidden away in her castle. When younger Rey visited Maz with the Resistance, the lightsaber known as to her, but she refuses to apply it, opting to depend on her blaster and workforce instead. It’s virtually lately defected Stormtrooper Finn who makes use of it (alternatively wellhonestly) to fend off no longer handiest his former Stormtrooper pals, but also the vastly greater effective Kylo Ren. It’s while Finn is seriously injured and manifestly outmatched that Rey makes use of the Force to summon the lightsaber and war Kylo Ren.

With Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber in hand, together with newly received location records at the reclusive Jedi Master, Rey seeks his guidance on Ahch-To, presenting him his antique lightsaber by manner of a gesture of properly will. He tosses it aside, refusing it. Though Rey retrieves it, it’s later taken from her by way of Supreme Leader Snoke, only to have Kylo Ren turn the weapon on Snoke himself. Another warfare of wills takes location between Rey and Kylo Ren, every vying for manipulate of the Skywalker lightsaber via the use of the Force.

But that’s where The Rise of Skywalker comes in (so here’s your closing spoiler warning). In the ultimate movie in the Skywalker Saga, Rey has reconstructed that damaged lightsaber, much like the manner The Rise of Skywalker reconstructed the whole thing that Rian Johnson‘s The Last Jedi had deconstructed. It’s uncertain while or how precisely Rey did this, however the lightsaber serves her nicely in her continued training. It aids her in more than one clashes towards Kylo Ren and permits her to climate the attacks with the aid of the revived Emperor Palpatine … but there’s another.

It’s discovered that Luke educated Leia in the methods of the Force within the past. She wielded her personal green-bladed lightsaber however gave it up for suitable once she glimpsed a possible future of the violence it’d cause. Force Ghost Luke gives it to Rey after saving his own lightsaber from being tossed into the fiery wreckage of Kylo Ren’s Tie Fighter, also by using Rey (it’s a long tale however she became basically ready to burn it all down). Rey briefly Force-passes one lightsaber to Kylo Ren who wishes a weapon to warfare towards the Knights of Ren after throwing his personal corrupted lightsaber into the raging sea. Together, they’re capable of fight back against Emperor Palpatine, but while Kylo Ren, now Ben Solo, is released right into a pit, it’s Rey who is capable of use both lightsabers in the classic X role to power Palpatine’s Force Lightning back upon him, sooner or later killing him; that’s also thank you in part to the guide lent to her by 1,000 generations of Jedi.

So Rey and Ben every have their personal lightsabers now and can educate a brand new generation of Jedi together, right? No, no longer precisely. Because Rey exhausted her power in killing Palpatine, and because Ben used the final of his energy in reviving Rey, she’s left on her very own with Skywalker lightsabers. But rather than present them to a brand new technology, she takes them to Luke’s aunt and uncle’s abode on Tatooine and buries them deep inside the wilderness sand. But she has a weapon of her very own. As she ignites the lightsaber, you’ll be aware a golden yellow colour to the blade. The shock of that moment, a blade rarely visible in Star Wars canon, would possibly have distracted you from the reality that Rey apparently transformed her personnel into her new lightsaber; best touch.

But about that yellow lightsaber. Traditionally, and in canon, the yellow blades were originally seen in the double-bladed body of pike or the Jedi Temple Guard. (I don’t understand if Rey broke her vintage workforce down completely or if she turned it right into a version of the pike.) These guards were sworn to protect the Jedi Order at the temple on Coruscant, but were extensively utilised to preserve the peace on other occasions in the course of the Clone Wars. The anonymous sentinels had been chosen from the ranks of Jedi Knights. Other Jedi who used a yellow-bladed lightsaber had been Tosan, who wielded a double-bladed personnel, and Count Dooku’s apprentice, Ventress.

It’s viable that Rey adopted the yellow-bladed lightsaber (or possibly the kyber crystal conjured a yellow blade based totally on the modifications within its wielder) in honour of these emotionally indifferent sentinels tasked with guarding the Jedi Order. I like to think that she’s taking on the mantle of the 1,000 generations of Jedi who got here before her and that she sees herself as the final closing sentinel who must pass those teachings on. Or maybe Disney simply desired to sell greater yellow lightsabers. Either manner, the Skywalker Saga as we recognise it may be over, however the Star Wars tale will surely continue.

three jedi temple guards raise their double-bladed yellow lightsabers

How Reys Lightsaber is different apart from it being yellow

Rey got a new, yellow lightsaber on the stop of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and it’s quite a chunk one-of-a-kind from other lightsabers we’ve visible in Star Wars before. As Rey has stepped into the vast footwear left by means of her mentors, her lightsaber is the final piece of the puzzle on her journey in the direction of becoming a Jedi.

In the Star Wars authentic trilogy, lightsabers were most effective blue, red, and green. The prequels caught with the original scheme, other than Mace Windu’s purple lightsaber, which was purple on the request of Samuel L. Jackson. The non-canon Star Wars accelerated universe did a few crazy things with lightsabers, but it wasn’t until The Clone Wars animated series that Star Wars canon honestly started to introduce more lightsaber variants. Then, in the closing moments of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Rey ignites a brand new yellow lightsaber, marking the first use of the colour in live-action, but there’s some of different ways her new saber differs from the lightsabers we’ve visible earlier than.

Rey’s lightsaber does not just bring a new lightsaber colour to Star Wars movies. She also makes use of her technological ingenuity to create a saber not like anything formerly depicted inside the films. She showcases the inspiration of Jedi lightsabers throughout history, selecting small elements of those that have come before to create some thing absolutely new.

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Rey's Lightsaber possess A Retractable Emitter

Originally introduced as a scrap scavenger, Rey cements her role as the ‘scrappy kid’ on the block in Star Wars The Force Awakens. With Rey losing her parents at a young age, she was pressured to fend for herself by adapting to any state of affairs thrown at her as she speedy advanced new abilities to survive. She verified her affinity for generation early on as she’s introduced scavenging an old Star Destroyer and fast repaired the whole thing she came across. Rey’s creativity with generation allowed her to tinker with her lightsaber construction, growing a retractable emitter we haven’t visible wielded with the aid of other Jedi.

Usually, a lightsaber blade jumps into motion with a click of a button/switch, depending on the design of the saber. Rey’s yellow lightsaber diverges from the not unusual button press activation and ignites while she slides a circular equipment across the hilt, commencing the emitter and igniting the blade. It’s no longer clean if this has any useful purpose, but it would certainly prevent foreign objects from locating their manner into the hilt while it is off, now not that any form of small debris inside the hilt would present a barrier to ignition.

Rey's Black Metal Staff Was Used To Create Her Yellow Lightsaber

Most lightsabers in the Star Wars universe have hilts which may be metallic or silver-coloured metallic with gold or black accents. There are unusual examples of a Jedi selecting a hilt made of wood or bone, however it definitely hasn’t been seen in live-action. Rey’s hilt is particular in this manner as well, a mishmashed advent of the same matte black metallic observed on her vintage personnel. It’s moreover wrapped in cloth and leather across the grip.

Rey’s choice for an all-black lightsaber hilt is paying homage to more sinister sabers much like the Mandalorian-made Darksaber, depicted in The Clone Wars, Star Wars: Rebels, and currently in The Mandalorian. Kylo Ren’s lightsaber is darker in shade, but that color is due to the fact the lightsaber is burned and scarred because of his volatile kyber crystal, making Rey’s saber the primary we’ve seen of its kind. Her team of workers itself was possibly created from salvaged parts inside the first place, so the lightsaber marks its 2d rebirth, much like Rey’s own trade from a Scavenger to a Jedi, now a Palpatine to a Skywalker.

The complete lifestyles of Rey Skywalker is a two-sided enigma. A Palpatine in origin, she chooses the Skywalker name. She masters each facets of the Force without fully embracing the darkish side. Rey is all about doing subjects her manner, and her lightsaber is the living embodiment of her philosophy on life. In Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, Rey proves she’s the begin of a new form of Jedi. Rey’s lightsaber she wields isn’t simply the one thing. Rey represents vintage and new, and mild and darkmuch like her saber. Her power of honoring lifestyle whilst it makes sense – but forging an original direction whilst it is necessary – is exactly the shape of shakeup she will deliver to her new technology of Jedi.

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