Biggest Start Wars Plot Hole Of R2-D2 Confused Even Mark Hamill

In Star Wars, why did not R2-D2 tell Luke Skywalker that his father became Darth Vader?

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In Star Wars, why did not R2-D2 tell Luke Skywalker that his father became Darth Vader? It’s a question that become plagued the franchise for decades, and even Mark Hamill would not have an amazing answer to this curious plot hollow. Star Wars is one of the best works of fiction ever made, and its effect on popular culture and the medium of film can not be overstated. Since its humble 1977 debut, Star Wars has spawned 3 trilogies, several spin-off movies and tv series, hundreds of novels, and endless video games, all devoted to increasing the sprawling universe first created inside the imagination of George Lucas.

Of course, this sort of big storytelling setting can not help however have some ripped seams. The canon of Star Wars strives to be regular and without continuity errors, however it surely cannot be helped, and it’s something lovers have come to just accept as a simple truth of dealing with such a rapidly growing and evolving universe. However, there may be one meant plot hole that even Luke Skywalker’s actor, Mark Hamill, can not give an explanation for away.

On Twitter, Mark Hamill himself, turned into ask why R2-D2 never told Luke Skywalker that Darth Vader became his father, Anakin Skywalker.  C-3P0 was given his reminiscence wiped at the cease of Revenge of the Sith, no such fate came about the small blue astromech droid. Based on his role inside the unique and prequel trilogies, R2 knows the fact approximately the Skywalker own family however doesn’t inform Luke. Why? Hamill admitted he could not suppose of a suitable answer and posted a gif of Lucille Ball shrugging her shoulders.

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My daughter just requested, “R2-D2 was there for the whole story and by no means had his reminiscence wiped so why didn’t he just tell Luke that Vader turned into his father at a few factor?” I just sat there dumbfounded until she shrugged and walked away.

R2-D2 has usually been a mischievous robot, but it’s tough to imagine he would preserve one of these big secret from Luke without a great cause. While no motive is ever given within the moviesenthusiasts have long contemplated the results of R2’s selective silence. Perhaps he doesn’t need to break Luke’s heart. Given the younger, would-be Jedi’s reaction whilst he does discover the reality in the climax of The Empire Strikes Back, maybe R2’s presumed desire became the right thing to do in his opinion. Or possibly Skywalker is a really common ultimate name on Tattooine, and R2 did not realise his new human associate changed into the son of his old friend, Anakin. Or perhaps the droid turned into really following Obi-Wan Kenobi’s lead in refusing to disclose the fact, opting alternatively to maintain the younger Skywalker safe by deciding on to peer things “from a certain factor of view.”

Whatever the case may also be, R2-D2 had his reasons, and his reasons are his very own. Whether or not R2’s lie is seen as a plot hole relies upon at the viewer’s willingness to simply accept that not everything has to be explained. R2-D2 works in mysterious ways; possibly it changed into Luke’s fate to examine of his lineage from his very own father, and not the astroid droid partner.

Author: Seek editor