Jesse Eisenberg Didn’t Finish Reading Script Before Joining Batman vs Superman

Jesse Eisenberg says the Batman V Superman script was so engaging he didn’t have time to

lex luthor

Jesse Eisenberg says the Batman V Superman script was so engaging he didn’t have time to complete analyzing it earlier than he joined the movie. Four years after its release, director Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice stays arguably the maximum polarizing superhero movie in recent memory, on top of being one in every of the maximum divisive films of the ultimate decade in general. That goes double for its portrayal of the Man of Steel’s arch-nemesis and crook mastermind Lex Luthor, as played by way of Eisenberg.

In the Batman V Superman script (which David Goyer and Chris Terrio share credit for), Lex is portrayed as an eccentric CEO who’s a chunk like Eisenberg’s Mark Zuckerberg from The Social Network, if the Facebook co-writer had severe daddy issues (because of his abusive father) and a parent like Superman to challenge his insecurities onto. The individual is obsessed with the Man of Steel, to place it mildly, and spends a great deal of the film rambling approximately figures from historical mythology, religion, and the concept of God on every occasion he is compelled to justify his hatred for the superhero.

During a current interview with Konbini, Eisenberg defined the Batman V Superman script as “intellectually probing”, pronouncing he needed to take his time reading it due to the fact “because it become so dense. There had been references to things I’d in no way heard of, I changed into shocked. Because I’d in no way visible a superhero filmdue to the fact I stay in a bubble or whatever, and so I concept it become just going to be human beings flying around for one hundred pages.” For safety reasons, however, he become most effective granted a limited quantity of time to examine the screenplay earlier than it become deleted from his computer, and became unable to complete it in time. In spite of this, the actor was so inspired by means of what he did study, he signed on anyway.

Opinions vary significantly approximately the film‘s execution, however nobody’s ever moderately denied Batman V Superman has loads on its mind. In addition to Lex’s rantings, the movie consists of cameos by humans like Anderson Cooper and Neil deGrasse Tyson playing themselves as they engage in fictional debates approximately Superman and what his lifestyles implies approximately our expertise of existence and the universe. Whether you find those elements pretentious or compelling within the real moviethey’re not precisely something you can simply spreed-study via at the printed page and fully appreciate. Indeed, Eisenberg informed Konbini the Batman V Superman script became “one of the maximum dense scripts I’ve examined” admitting he has no concept how a great deal of it made the last cut of the film. (To clarify that: Eisenberg, like a number of actors, tries to avoid watching his movies when he can, and hasn’t visible Batman V Superman.)

Although he’s due to the fact cameoed as Lex in Justice League’s credits scene, it is believed Eisenberg is done playing the person in the DCEU. The franchise has moved in a different course considering the fact that that film disappointed seriously and commercially in 2017, with Snyder’s unique five-film DCEU imaginative and prescient being deserted and his now-infamous authentic cut of Justice League being largely overhauled by means of Joss Whedon’s rewrites and reshoots. Instead, the DC cinematic universe is now focusing on one-off films loosely connected by a shared continuity and staying away from crossovers like Batman V Superman. Still, as lots as his overall performance tends to inspire love-hate reactions, Eisenberg’s already succeeded in placing his stamp on Superman’s (greatest?) rival.

Author: Seek editor